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XoverX are suppliers of 01xx, 02xx, 03xx and 08xx telephone numbers and hold a large stock of all the available UK number ranges, traditionally called "Virtual Telephone Numbers", XoverX took the view that this implies the numbers have no real attachment to reality, so XoverX coined the phrase "Cloud Inbound Number Services", and we've noticed that other key players soon followed suit, but they have fallen short in explaining what it really means.

Yes, it's true there's no copper cables crossing the highways to get to your desired destination, but that's the beauty of it, no need for cumbersome equipment, leaving you with the flexibility to be on the move, just because a number is attached to a cable doesn't make it any more real or otherwise, rather, it is the contract between you and XoverX backed up by the protection of OFCOM and legislations that tell you that it's real, whether you're a small business or a global company with a 1000 plus employees XoverX offers real solutions tailored to your very needs.

When choosing a cloud telephone number for your company be it a non geographical telephone number or a local telephone number, for instance a London number like 0203, 0207, and 0208 or a non-geographical number such as 0300, 0330, or 0800, XoverX offers the reassurance and peace of mind that indeed you are getting something that is real and tangible.

To explain more about what the cloud can do and what it means, we offer over 60 value added services to do what you want and when you need, think of it like a utility that you can switch on and off, imagine the savings in cost, with this way of doing things you pay for what you need right down to the penny, because XoverX has an excellent range of packages you'll easily find something to suit your needs, we also offer a pay as you go service for those who rather not be boxed in month by month, but with a flexibility not normally found in telecoms or any other industry, because as your business grows and the number of calls increases we automatically reduce the cost per minute to you, please see our sliding scale.

Let us now look at some of the ways that you can make savings, XoverX offers a sophisticated but simple to use X-Panel, and as a XoverX customer you will be able to securely login into an encrypted environment that you can then take control of all products and services, you will be able to setup facilities, we also offer a number of free services right from the get go such as, CLI Presentation, Fax to Email, Hunt Group, Number Translation, Real-time Call Statistics, Voicemail and X-Panel, based on our existing customers some of our most popular services are Call Whisper, Call Recording, CLI Localisation, Auto Attendant and Low-Cost International Calling.

We'll gladly answer any questions you have Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm. There is no long term contract. Our numbers can be forwarded to a landline or a mobile phone. We have a selection of memorable numbers and also an environmentally friendly fax to email service where faxes are sent to your email of choice.