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What is a 'Cloud Number'?

Each one of our Cloud Numbers is a 'virtual' number, which means that it is not attached to a physical phone line or local exchange. We the forward calls made to your dedicated Cloud Numbers to your chosen landline or mobile number. We can also forward calls to international destinations, both landlines and mobile numbers.

What is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding, also known as call diversion, or call routing, simply refers to calls to a Cloud Number being automatically transferred and answered on a different number.

Is there a minimum contract period?

No, there is no minimum contract terms, you pay for exactly what you use, and nothing more. There is however an annual maintenance fee of £12.

How much do Cloud Numbers cost?

The exact price of a number depends on how 'memorable' it is starting from £25, and is the same regardless of number range. There is no monthly line rental thereafter, simply a £12 annual maintenance fee, but no hidden costs or long-term contract.

How long does it take to activate my Cloud Number(s)?

After your order has been successfully completed you will then receive an email from us with your username and password for Xpanel. Simply log in and set up the destination for your Cloud Number(s), plus other desired call management services.

How do I forward the calls?

With every purchase of a Cloud Number you get access to our online control panel, Xpanel. This is an easy-to-use web tool which gives you full control of your Cloud Numbers, allowing you to oversee Call Management features, view online billing and view real-time Call Statistics.

Can a caller tell that the number is being forwarded?

No, not at all. There is nothing to indicate to the caller that their call is being forwarded. All they hear is the normal ringing tone.

How are call forwarding charges calculated?

All of the call forwarding charges are calculated on a per second basis. We only round up to the nearest second, unlike many operators who round up to the nearest minute.

What is call credit?

Call credit can be put on your account to cover any call forwarding charges that you incur. As different numbers have different rates of call forwarding charges, you may wish to view the rates for a specific number range beforehand.

What is Xpanel?

Xpanel is an online control panel which lets you manage your numbers from anywhere in the world. Free access to Xpanel is given to all of our customers when they purchase a Cloud Number. With Xpanel you can:

  • Maintain control over your Cloud Number, 24/7, 365 days per year
  • Change your call forwarding as often as
  • Add new Cloud Numbers
  • Enable, suspend or disable call services
  • Access real-time call statistics
  • Change your account details
What is VoIP?

VoIP (which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol) allows telephone signals to be sent using the Internet or other computer networks. VoIP converts the voice signal from a telephone into a digital signal, which is sent over the Internet. At the other end it is converted back to a telephone signal – this technology allows for very high quality global telecommunication.

What is ‘porting a number’?

Number porting is the means by which telephone numbers are passed from one provider to a new one. So, if you currently have a telephone number with a different provider and would like to move it to XoverX so that you can benefit from our first-rate services, then you port it to us.