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National: 0333 080 7777 or Freephone: 0800 030 7777

We Offer an Outstanding Service

We are genuinely passionate about what we do and always aim to provide the highest possible standards of service. Our customers are each vitally important to us and we love to go that extra mile to support their needs. If fact, we are very rare in that we allow some customers to use our services even without having purchased a Cloud Number.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and proactively supporting our clients in exactly the way they need.

We Are Extremely Versatile

We offer more services than anyone else and they are very wide-ranging, from basic call forwarding to VoIP services, Fax to Email, advanced network based applications and much more. We work hard to ensure that we offer all the related services that our clients could need, from one provider.

We also take an equally flexible approach as we strive to me every customer’s needs. Whilst our services offer a comprehensive range of options that will suit most needs, we are also happy to devise bespoke solutions for you to match your exact requirements.

We Offer a Huge Range of Numbers

We offer a range of numbers that spans 50 countries. Consequently, we offer one of the largest ranges of telephone numbers available. We also offer Cloud Numbers for over 650 UK towns as well as all types of Geographic, Freephone and Premium Rate Cloud Number ranges. We can then forward on to any type of landline, mobile or VoIP destination, anywhere in the world.

Simple and Transparent Pricing

We monitor prices within the industry to ensure we offer the best possible value or money. We do not complicate our pricing or add hidden charges. We charge very reasonable fees for our Cloud Numbers. We also like to be as simple and transparent with our pricing as we can be and also give some key free services: free Xpanel, free Call Statistics and more.

We Are a Reliable Operator

XoverX’s founders have a combined experience of over 35 years. We operate under a PECN Licence as a Network Operator. Our telephone network is connected to BT and their National Public Telephone Network as well as several other carriers, plus direct connections with the UK′s main mobile operators.