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We Offer All Area Code Numbers

01/02 Geographic numbers are sometimes also known as STD code numbers, local area code numbers of UK town numbers. We can provide you with numbers that start with 01 or 02 for over 650 areas, which means that we cover 100% of the UK. Regardless of where your office is located, whichever type of number you would like callers to dial, we can supply the ideal number for you.

Forwarding Rates

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Use Geographic Number for Local Ad Tracking

Track your response to different ads by using different local Geographic numbers to advertise in different areas. Our Call Statistics will let you know how well each number is performing for your business.


  • 77% of people prefer to call a local number that is close to home
  • You can have a Cloud Number that is for any UK town or city
  • Enjoy instant activation and forward to an existing landline or mobile
  • Advertise with your Cloud Numbers in local telephone directories and newspapers
  • The caller's costs are identical to call a landline and so free minutes from their provider are still applicable.