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Call Organisations at Standard Rates

Ofcom created the range of 03 numbers to complement the existing range of 08 numbers. The 03 numbers offer a very attractive alternative to 08 numbers, which can be exceptionally expensive when called from a mobile. In contrast, 03 numbers are charged in the same way as landline number - calls to them are at standard call rates even when calling from a mobile, which is a very cost-effective benefit for your customers.

The 03 numbers branch into two areas. The 0300 numbers are specifically and exclusively for the use of charities, public sector and not-for-profit organisations, whilst 0333 number can be used by commercial businesses.

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About 0300 Numbers

Ofcom states that organisation eligible to use 0300 numbers must either:

  • Appear on one of the lists of appropriate bodies, maintained by other organisations that are indicated by Ofcom in the 'Guidance on bodies eligible to use 030 telephone numbers'.


  • Fulfil any of the other criteria indicated by Ofcom in the Guidance on bodies eligible to use 0300 telephone numbers - please refer to the Ofcom website.

Any organisation that does not meet the criteria should use an 0333 number.

If you don't fit into this criteria, you should look to use 0333 numbers. These numbers are available for use by any person, business or organisation

  • 0300 numbers cost the same to calls a landline number, even from mobiles
  • Calls to 0300 numbers will include any free or inclusive minutes from the caller's service provider
  • Instant activation - forward your calls to an existing landline or mobile
  • 0300 numbers are more cost-effective than using a Freephone number
  • Manage all aspects of your account with Xpanel