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We lead the way in innovative Cloud Telecommunications. From our wide range of reliable, state-of-the-art Cloud Numbers covering 50 different countries, to our helpful individual services, to our Xselect packages, to the way we bill… we are always forward-thinking.

Each of our services is worth a set number of points – you just pick whichever ones you would like, up to the total number of points. Look at the table below to see what each service is worth:

0.5 pence per hour1 pence per hour2 pence per hour
Call GreetingLocation Based ForwardingCall Queueing
Call WhisperTime Based ForwardingCall Recording
Forward to All
Hunt Group Enhanced
Information Line
Localised Ringtone
Missed Call Alert
Number Presentation
On-Hold Audio
Service Switcher
Voicemail Enhanced

Our services give genuine flexibility for all our customers and can often work out far cheaper than a standard phone package.

We are constantly evaluating and adding to our services, to ensure that we offer the best possible range of Cloud solutions, at the best possible prices to all of our customers.