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XoverX's CLI Localisation Services

The biggest problem for outbound call centres trying to contact their customers by phone is starting a dialogue with the customer; to assist in this, XoverX's CLI Localisation Services is tailor made to solve this problem. When the system makes an outbound call, it will appear to the recipient that the call is coming from a local number.

How it works:

  • When you dial from your call centre, we automatically display a local number matched by the postcode supplied, this will be familiar to the person being called.


  • It is both intuitive and proven that a person is more likely to answer a call from a local phone number when presented with a local CLI.
  • Presenting a local CLI on the first call attempt substantially increases the likelihood of starting dialogues that would result in increased contacts.
  • You can also match any mobile number to postcodes to generate the appropriate Local CLI.

This will:

  • Harness the power of geographic number ranges
  • Increase your outbound contact success rates
  • Increase the number of callbacks to be handled by the appropriate team
  • Return calls via the localised CLI
  • Authorization list; for zero dialing errors
  • Personal call blocking built-in feature