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A Classic and Essential Service

Sometimes faxes are referred to as an old-fashioned way of sending documents, in this age of email attachments and Cloud computing. However, it remains integral to many critical business processes, which is why our customers love our Fax to Email service.

Our Fax to Email service lets you receive faxes without using a fax machine. How? We:

  • Receive your incoming fax and convert it into a TIFF or PDF image
  • Email you the image, which you can then save, print, forward or treat as you would any other email. This gives you huge versatility as you can receive the fax wherever you have email access.
  • Also, we can receive vast volumes of incoming faxes at once, so your fax number will never be engaged.

Our Fax to Email takes everything that makes faxes so essential and adds to it the versatility and mobility of email, in one ideal service.