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X-flex is our international carrier grade model, a flexible systems putting you in control, X-flex is designed to ramp up your services by offering a combination of over 50 value added services for you to offer your customers an experience unparalleled anywhere in the market, turning your network into an efficient money making cash machine, we run a low cost managed solution with built in redundancy, leaving you time to concentrate on generating sales, we understand that no one knows your market as well as you so we kept things real simple, we supply sub platforms so you can expediently grow your business, we offer white label and a bespoke tailor made service design to work the way you or your customers need, we come to you by connecting via the nearest physical data centre, and we offer exclusivity by territory with an easy to understand low cost service.


Enjoy Advance Access and Services. The XoverX Application Programming Interface (API) has been created with you in mind, so you can enjoy advanced access to an exceptional range of cloud numbers and services.

You will be able to:

  • Set up customers Cloud Numbers and services instantly
  • Add a copy of our number search to a website
  • Integrate our useful services into your own site and applications
  • Work in real time to change, cancel or suspend services
  • Establish Fax to Email services and Voicemail services
  • Set up Cloud Numbers to forward to various destinations
  • Import call data and other commands

Most of our customers use XoverX API to import call statistics into another system, however; it is superb for enabling clients to carry out actions normally only possible by accessing the online control panel.

Commands include:

  • Add users
  • Allocate a new number to a user
  • Find a number or user
  • Configure a number
  • De-allocate a number from a customer or user
  • Delete a user
  • Amend a user's data
  • List user numbers


You’re always in control, X-Panel offers the very best in terms of fast, effective, hassle-free control, around the clock service for all of the Cloud Numbers that we provide, it comes with login details that give you access to X-Panel, this is an advanced online control panel that enables you to maintain complete control over essential call management, billing and statistics features, you can access the X-Panel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever you are in the world, Just connect to it from your chosen device as you please – as long as you have internet access, you can use X-Panel.

X-Panel is reliable and easy to use, whilst at the same time using a state-of-the-art application that enables you to connect with our network in real time, make instant changes that take immediate effect, whether you are overseeing a Disaster Recovery plan or simply want your changes to take effect as quickly as possible, enjoy the peace of mind that X-Panel affords.