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Convenience and Control 24/7

With Service Switcher you can manage your calls in a way that best suits your company’s hours of operation and other working patterns. You can use to automatically enable and disable your selected services.

How it works:

  • Your business has regular opening hours, e.g. 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, with an hour’s lunch at 1pm.
  • Create your own time plan where calls to your Cloud Numbers are forwarded to your office from 9am to 1pm then directed to Voicemail from 1pm-2pm over lunch break, back to the office for 2pm-5pm and finally back to Voicemail until the next morning. You can switch your services to suit you.

It is hugely convenient way of controlling all your services, at any time.

Take Charge of Your Services

The Xpanel controls enable you to manage Service Switcher whenever you wish and combine it with other versatile options, so that your call management remains entirely tailor-made to your requirements.

All call services are very straightforward to set-up on demand – simply go to the Xpanel to select and enable your chosen options.

There is a choice of how to pay for your services. You can per hour, which is paid like a utility service, in arrears. Alternatively, you can buy a package, which will give you a number of points to spend on your own tailor-made selection of services. Packages are paid for in advance. They give you the freedom to pick as many services as you wish, up to the total number of points that you have in that package.