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0.5 pence per hour

The Right Response Every Time

When you receive different types of call, for example business and personal calls, it is not normally possible to anticipate which is which straight away. Our handy Call Whisper service solves this issue by playing a short voice message to you before connecting the call to you.

This fully automated service allows you to relax in the knowledge that you will always answer the phone with the correct company greeting whenever it is appropriate.

It works like this: when a call comes into your mobile, it could be someone calling directly, or it could be someone responding to an advertisement which has your Cloud Number on it. If it is someone calling you through our number, you will hear the short recorded message, letting you know that they are a business caller.

With the simple Call Whisper service, you have a neat solution that ensures you give a professional response every time.

All call services are very straightforward to set-up on demand – simply go to the Xpanel to select and enable your chosen options.

There is a choice of how to pay for your services. You can per hour, which is paid like a utility service, in arrears. Alternatively, you can buy a package, which will give you a number of points to spend on your own tailor-made selection of services. Packages are paid for in advance. They give you the freedom to pick as many services as you wish, up to the total number of points that you have in that package.