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Professionally Introduce Your Company

Many organizations of all sizes use Information Lines – businesses, government departments, medical and charitable organizations and more. Callers are furnished with the latest and most relevant information on a topic of choice, such as a service update, or to communicate important information during an emergency.

Our Information Line service can handle unlimited calls at the same time, so you can reach out to countless people with the assurance that your service can withstand the demand. Moreover, it is fully automated, so there is never any extra strain on your resources.

Our Information Line service works in two easy steps:

  • Create a specific number for an advertising campaign promoting your piece of information.
  • Record a special message for your Information Line service, which every caller will hear. This could be about a new product, service or event.

All call services are very straightforward to set-up on demand – simply go to the Xpanel to select and enable your chosen options.

There is a choice of how to pay for your services. You can pay per hour, which is paid like a utility service, in arrears. Alternatively, you can buy a package, which will give you a number of points to spend on your own tailor-made selection of services. Packages are paid for in advance. They give you the freedom to pick as many services as you wish, up to the total number of points that you have in that package.

Our service allows you to be as creative as you would like and to make sure you engage with your customers in a direct and user-friendly way.