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Always Stay Topped Up

We offer a handy Automatic Top Up which ensures that you can save time and gain peace of mind, never again having to worry about manually topping up your account.

Pay As You Go accounts are made even more convenient - and of course you still only pay credit for those calls that you receive.

If you have a Pay Monthly tariff, our Automatic Top Up service provides a useful buffer, in case you use up all of your monthly credit allowance.

Automatic Top Up works like this:

  • When you begin to run low on credit, we will alert you in an email.
  • Rather than you having to log in and top up, when your balance reaches £5 we will do it for you automatically.
  • We will then send you an email to alert you that you have successfully had an Automatic Top Up.

Activating the Service

The Automatic Top Up service is very easy to use and there is no charge for setting it up. When you next want to add call credit to your account, simply click to check the "Activate Automatic Top Up" box, select the top up amount and then enter your payment details - done.

Payment Details

You can also use Xpanel for Call Management, including call forwarding, establishing or editing Hunt Groups, setting up Fax to Email services and much more.

Advanced Call Statistics

All transactions are entirely secure and we use the payment gateway, PayPoint.

The card that you used to place your first order becomes your default card and you can add more than one card to your account. We will attempt to deduct payment from any card that you have marked as "Active."

We will never disclose your card details and only the card type, last four digits of card number and the expiry date will be kept on your account. The remaining the information is stored securely with PayPoint.