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You're Always in the Know

We know how important it is for our customers to remain fully updated about their account and the services we provide, which is why we have devised a handy alert service.

  • All email alerts are absolutely FREE at all times.
  • Get SMS alerts when credit reaches £1 or runs out, FREE OF CHARGE (normally 10p per text).
  • We make sure you get the message – your alerts can be sent to up to 3 nominated recipients.
  • Xpanel lets you manage your alert settings with ease.

Low Credit Alerts

When your credit begins to run low, reaching £15 and £5 we will send you emails to inform you. If you reach £1 credit or run out completely, we will send a FREE SMS alert to make sure that you know.

Missed Call Alert

We keep you informed every way you would like. If you miss a call, our Missed Call Alert service will trigger an email or SMS message to be sent to you.


Our Voicemail service includes us sending you an email with the Voicemail message attached. We will also alert you with an SMS every time you receive a Voicemail.