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Understand Your Business Better

Whichever industry you work in, every business that is serious about its customers should have access to Call Statistics. We break it down for you – who called, when, from where, for how long – so that you can fully appreciate the bigger business picture.

With our real-time Call Statistics, you can:
  • Monitor the volume of calls and work out the average cost per call.
  • Discover peak times so you can allocate your resources as necessary.
  • Identify any useful trends and calling patterns.
  • Collate information to help improve call handling e.g. the time taken to answer a customer’s call.
  • Identify geographical locations to see where your customer base lies and which areas could be focussed on to increase business levels.
  • Develop Call Tracking to improve the targeting your advertising. Integrate with Google Analytics to see how online and offline activities are working together.

Xpanel for Online, Itemised Statistics in Real-Time

Simply log into Xpanel to gain a greater understanding of your statistics. You can view itemised logs of every single call that comes in to your Cloud Numbers, updated in real-time. You can select bespoke date ranges as you wish and it can be downloaded and used with other applications.