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0.5 pence per hour

Never Miss Another Call

Hunt Group Enhanced takes the excellent Hunt Group service to the max, allowing you to forward calls to up to 25 different destinations. These can be landlines, mobiles, voicemails and international destinations.

Here's how it works:
  • A call comes in to you, but you can’t answer for whatever reason.
  • It can then move on through a sequence of up to 25 destinations until it is answered.
  • If it cannot be answered directly, it can go to Voicemail.

Each call is absolutely vital to a modern business. Hunt Group Enhanced is an outstanding additional service, particularly in the case of a Disaster Recovery set up, and gives each one of your calls the best possible chance of being answered.

All call services are very straightforward to set-up on demand – simply go to the Xpanel to select and enable your chosen options.

There is a choice of how to pay for your services. You can per hour, which is paid like a utility service, in arrears. Alternatively, you can buy a package, which will give you a number of points to spend on your own tailor-made selection of services. Packages are paid for in advance. They give you the freedom to pick as many services as you wish, up to the total number of points that you have in that package.