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National: 0333 080 7777 or Freephone: 0800 030 7777

Choose Where Calls Are Answered

Have one central Cloud Number and we can forward it to any type of destination – call centre, office, mobile - based on the caller’s location.

The Location Based Forwarding system:

  • Notes the caller's area code
  • Forwards the call in accordance with rules that you have established, e.g. all Manchester calls go to your mobile, London calls are forwarded a Watford office and so on.

Save Money

Our service simplifies your telephone systems and enables you to use one Cloud Number in all your advertising and promotional material, which can greatly reduce costs.

It can also be extremely convenient for companies that operate through branch networks, like estate agents or franchises.

Save Customers' Time

Enjoy a national presence whilst having calls answered locally. Cut down on time wasted by manually transferring calls from office to office – ensuring a happier customer too.