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Match Your Calls to Your Business Hours

With our Time Based Forwarding service, you can manage your calls in a way that best suits your company’s hours of business. With your uniquely tailored time plan, you can ensure calls are answered efficiently, during hours that work for you.

How it works:
  • Your business has regular opening hours, e.g. 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • Create your own time plan where calls to your Cloud Numbers are forwarded to your office from 9am to 5pm and outside of these hours calls are directed to your mobile. Or use a combination of Voicemail, mobile and office, whatever suits you.

Major benefits:

Round the Clock Availability

If you offer a 24/7 service every day of the year, you are likely to have people working in shifts. Simply set a time plan with start and finish times for each individual’s number and relax knowing that you have seamless, non-stop coverage.

Support Global Business

Time Based Forwarding is an outstanding service for international businesses. If your company has offices in London, New York, Paris and Sydney, our service ensures that you can manage calls across all these time zones with ease.

Stay in Control, All the Time

The Xpanel controls enable you to adjust your time plans at will and combine them with Hunt Group options, so that you optimise your call management in a way that suits you perfectly.